• reliable contract without paper
    computer,phone,panel,any terminal,sign when you want
  • simple,fast,anytime
    Intelligent face recognition, effectively verify the identity of both parties, the contract signed by "face to face"
  • It has legal effect, worry-free storage
    To sign a legally binding document, full data encryption, independent storage security worries


"Cloudsign" is the first to face recognition technology and digital signature technology combined with third-party contracts Contracting internet. The user can at any time, real-time online electronic signing of a legally binding contract, replacing the traditional paper contract, signed to improve efficiency!
Click on the video to quickly learn how to use cloud chapters contract to create, send, and signed a contract to manage your cloud, efficient office.


Cloudsign contracts platform

Create online, uploading the local cloud disk access contract, support for multiple file formats. Designated contract undersigned, sending the contract to realize the multi-signature. Dynamic signature verification password or face recognition, security guarantees signed. The parties to the contract encrypted, stored separately to ensure security contract.

Mobile APP

Beautiful and easy to use CloudSign mobile APP, support mobile phones, tablet and other mobile equipment contract was signed, the signing of the contract recognition, send handwritten signature on a photograph or corporate signature, super-platform compatibility, you can download at any time to enjoy the real anywhere, I want to sign to sign.

API integrated

Provide Web API, simple, easy to integrate your system requires very little alteration, you can quickly integrate the function of the electronic contract.
At the same time, we support the exchange of custom development and related technologies, to create an open platform for cooperation.

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